Who are we?

We are a small group of makers who have joined forces to run our own webshop. We are fed up with profit-oriented providers who claim a large part of the revenue and force makers to sell their crafts at ever lower prices. "No Common Theme" is a self-organised and independent way for us to share our passions with you.

Why are there three price options?

Solidarity price:

Choosing this option helps us cover expenses, essentially this is our tip jar. You also enable us to offer a reduced price. (40% added to the standard price)

Standard price:

This covers our labour costs.

Reduced price:

Broke? We want to help you to still be able to afford beautiful things. (20% reduction of the standard price)

Wanna join us?

Do you have a passion that you would like to share? Would you like to get actively involved in our group? Drop us a line at info[at]nocommontheme.ch

Where does our revenue go?

If you buy from us, 100% of the proceeds go to the respective makers.

Solidarity contributions go towards our maintenance costs (e.g. website fees) and to compensate for reduced price options.